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What is a balance sheet?

A balance sheet is the process by which a professional summarizes data for maintaining the financial position of a company over some particular time period. The name is said as balance sheet because the sheet gets balanced by the value of assets with an addition of liabilities with an equity of the shareholders. These three objectives are known as segments of the balance sheet. Investors go through the records and get exact information about what a company possess and what are in debt. It also explains that what is used and left over by a company.

Our Balance Sheet Homework Help team experts describe the answers in a proper way. The formula for calculating asset directly depends on share holder’s equity and the liabilities. Thus, the payment for the various requirements are done either by getting the value of the shareholder’s equity or by taking loan known as liabilities. Property, inventory and cash are the main factors of this asset. But, in case of liabilities you need to go through the payable account or you will see loan for a long time period. There are many factors present in the market that influence the value of a balance sheet.

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