Cancellation and Refund Policy

We from 24x7homeworksupport try providing the best work to every student. However, a requirement of this homework help must be perfect for them. All students get support from for their any kind of academic problems. But, some problems during our services may make these customers unsatisfactory. At this situation they can easily apply for the refund services. But, each condition cannot be taken as refund condition and thus we have prepared some proper rule. What is our policy of refund and cancellation? Let’s see these exact conditions.

Policy for Refund

We have prepared some specific rules for our refund policy. These are as follows-

  • Refund is allowed if the date exceeds from the date of delivery.
  • If there is no delivery of any kind of services.
  • If you have paid twice as due to any problem we have send you the extra payment receipt, then you must contact us for that. If there is any extra payment made then we surely refund in that situation.
  • In case you proof that you get a fail grade, which is completely impossible as we have the selected writers, then we will refund you the fifty percent of your paid money. This is only because according to our terms we pay our writers just after their submission of the assignments. It is not possible to take back money from them.

When the refund is allowed?

Refund is allowed when the customer informs us not to do the work when there is some due date of delivery and we are fail to send on that time. In this case we do not ask any question related to that and we refund the whole amount.

When it is not allowed?

In case there is a due date and the process is not delivered on that date and still there is no notification from the customer to stop work, then there is no allowance of any kind of refund. This means that customer is ready to accept the services even after there is some late delivery of these services.

Important fact

Refund policy and its allowance are limited and it is very important for the customers to know about the reality of the refund amount. Now, if you have any problem related to the assignment or services provided from us, then we are here to solve that. It means you are not able to get any refund money in that case. This is because we are able to check the service more and more times and modify it according to the need. But, there will not be any chance of refunding amount.

Policy for the cancellation

The other fact is the cancellation process of a project.

  • If you withdrawal just after applying your task or within two hours of your payments, we will surely grant your cancellation. But, if you inform after two hours, we are unable to do that and it means there would not be any cancellation takes place.
  • In case your delivery time is on the same day of applied time, then there will not be any cancellation.
  • Each cancellation is subjected to approve and authorize by the management of 24x7homeworksupport. So, all conditions are checked very carefully.

Terms and conditions

  • It is very important for you to give us proof before blame for any such services of refund.
  • After sending details and the payment, you are not refundable if you change your main motto of getting the services.
  • If you blame our services as not fulfilling a proper requirement, at that case, we want to see the exact authenticated paper or sheet.

The chances of refund are rare and only in case there is some extra or doubled payment done by the customers or any problem of double payment, then we have the refund policy gets applicable more. Moreover, they always get the best for try our best to provide the best service provider. The payments are made to acquire the solution for the best services.  It is very important for you as well as for us to know that what terms are completely perfect and in which condition you can apply for this. We have made the rules for the accuracy of services and also to maintain some proper.